About My Craft

I'm a lifetime lover of design, wood, color and texture and love to combine these with a vintage style. I'm proud to reuse items into new useful items. Mixing and matching media is something I've become known for. I love putting a modern spin on something old or giving an old world feel to something new. And working alongside my customers with their own take on a design is absolutely inspirational. My customers tell me their pieces they purchase from me are "highlights" in their homes, "conversation pieces", and quality crafted for years to come.

Over the past 10 years I've developed my own techniques that give each of my pieces a unique vintage look and feel. My pieces are all made in my home studio using wooden pallets. I hand select the finest authentic material and embellishments and paint all my pieces with DIY Paint™ because it's ECO friendly and because it's the highest quality natural clay and chalk based paint I've found. I've included the link below.

Thank you for letting me share my craft with you.

Shannon M. Sanchez-Bedo

Artist and Owner



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